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Client Testimonials

Testimonials from some of my loved clients.

I have been so lucky to work with Karey over Skype. I don’t think I have the words to convey what working with Karey has meant to me, but no praise is high enough. I am a very shy person, and I immediately felt completely loved, safe, and trusting with her. I met her as a complete skeptic who knew nothing about the field, and was amazed by her ability to see energy. Everything she taught me fell in perfectly with my spiritual and scientific beliefs. She is highly qualified and extremely gifted with spiritual intuition and insight. In the years since I have met her, I have never met anyone in her field with half her talent. Working with Karey is a judgement free zone, full of hope and light, and she understands unconditional love. The work she does is very effective and I am forever changed by her wisdom!

Laura, WAClient

Working with Karey changed my perception about how I see myself and where my worth comes from.
I had the misconception that in order to be someone, I must “do” something. Realizing my worth is always present and that my skills are limitless, I am free!
I feel a divine connection and am experiencing more joy than I thought possible, JUST BEING ME!
Thank You Karey!!!

Stefanie, UTClient

After only 3 regular sessions and a follow up session with Karey I was able to release patterns of the past  that were holding me captive. Karey is very open, non judgmental, and willing to listen to concerns,
fears and phobias.  With the use of energy therapy I was able to release old energies that were keeping me in a state of anxiety and depression.

Sheryl, UTClient

Karey Williams is the most gifted energy therapist that we have on theplanet!! When I am with her I enjoy being in the presence of a beautiful, powerful woman of light. I have loved working with her. I
always feel how much she honors me and my life’s journey and her willingness to assist me. I have experienced many times the veil lifted from my eyes to see my life’s purpose and my sacred contract
with humanity. I am grateful for gifts and talents she has to bless humanity through her practice.

Johnna, IDClient

Karey is a very sensitive, intuitive healer.  She was able to quickly pinpoint and release issues for my daughter and myself.  I love her positive attitude, unconditional love and acceptance. We have recommended her to our friends who are also have great results from their sessions with Karey.

Kristine, WAClient

I have a very anxious mind and the first thing I noticed about working with Karey was that I felt completely calm and clear and focused after each
session. I love that feeling! It has also helped me to let go ofnegative emotions very easily. I’ve had unexplainable negative, almost dark feelings that have bordered on haunting me for most of my life.
Through energy therapy with Karey I have been able to identify the source of those negative feelings and release them.

Tracy, UTClient

I have worked with Karey for several years. I love working with her, she is very kind and honest. She always makes you feel comfortable and every session is very personable. My daughter and I have both worked with Karey and each session has been very helpful and therapeutic for us both with our own individual needs.  I cannot say enough good things about Karey and what she has done for us! I would recommend her to anyone.

Megan, UTClient

I found my session with Karey to have profound impacts. Immediately after my session, I felt a kind of lightness that can only come from release of unconscious material . . . a lightness and freedom that has persisted for me. What a gift to know this kind of work exists. I recommend it highly for anyone on the path of self knowledge and higher consciousness.

Kinde, UTClient