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About Me

About Me

Lean about me and the energy work I can do.

Karey Williams, MRET, is a gifted coach and healer working with individuals and families in her energy therapy practice.  She has over 20 years experience teaching mindset training, life skills and leadership training in private and corporate settings. It is her mission to coach others to release limiting beliefs so they can live more meaningful and joyful lives.


She combines her gift of seeing energy with her knowledge and certification of multiple healing modalities.  She is a Master Rapid Eye Tech, and trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), WINGS, and Energy Medicine.  It is her passion to mentor clients to remember their greatness and divinity and to operate out of that true knowing. One of her gifts is seeing other people’s gifts and she loves to remind people, or rather validate, them about their unique possibilities and innate gifts.


She knows that no matter what, you already have the solutions within you and her job is to assist you to bring those answers forward. She also knows that you are loved beyond your realization and your blueprint is perfect.  With that knowledge, she can help her clients wake up to their real selves and feel empowered and alive with wellness.


Karey is a sought after speaker at conferences, seminars and retreats. She has taught at Women in Motion, Energy Healing 101, Energy Healthcare, Utah Parenting and Emergence Conferences to name a few. She engages and inspires her audience to rise above their fears and blocks and take inspired action towards their goals.  Participants are given practical, cutting edge practices to live their lives with more joy and freedom.

Karey resides in Sandy, Utah with her husband of 21 years and their three children. She loves to write, paint, garden and hike.  She especially loves to travel and play games with her family.  At any moment you can find her boogying in her kitchen loading dishes, dancing in grocery store aisles, sashaying down the hallways, or bouncing to the rhythm of brushing her teeth.  Plus, if you need to know a song lyric- she is your girl.